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RaffleBay is a free to download app that gives you the amazing opportunity to win luxury prizes for less. We already have over 50 lucky winners and you could be next!

RaffleBay will be helping you make your dreams become a reality, with prizes ranging from luxury designer clothes, trainers, electronics, holidays, motorbikes, cars and more! With Raffles starting from as little as £1 and just 10 tickets, there is always plenty of chances to win, with low odds and new prizes added every week.

So what are you waiting for… download for free, choose the prize(s) you want to win and start entering today, it’s really that simple. Each Raffle clearly states how many tickets are available and when the end date is. All winners are revealed by a live video draw, available to watch within the app.

With bigger prizes, live events and many more winners to come, do not miss out and Good Luck!